To master a language, it takes children much time to learn, cultivate and form reflexes. To get children into the habit of using English, parents need to expose them to the language regularly and continuously.

In such a process, children often show inattentiveness or impatience. And some parents often make the mistake of not letting their children study regularly when they are bored. This is because they think that their children are too young and do not need to be exposed to English that early. However, if the kids do not maintain their learning, their English knowledge and reflexes will quickly erode. At the same time, children’s thinking in a foreign language is not formed.

Understanding this, VAschools regularly organizes interactive activities in parallel with formal English classes so that preschool children have more opportunities to communicate with foreign teachers, thereby forming and cultivating their ability to learn English from a young age.

Special offers for Parents at VAschools in the school year 2021 – 2022:

    • DISCOUNT of up to 10,350,000 VND for former students that re-enroll.
    • DISCOUNT of 20% for parents that register and pay tuition fees in the school year 2021 – 2022.
    • A gift of 01 uniform for the first 30 students to register and pay tuition fees for 01 or more terms of the school year 2021 – 2022.
    • Discount of 5% on tuition fees for the second child onwards when Parents have 02 or more children (biological siblings) studying in the VAschools system.
    • Bonus of 5% – 7% of the one-term tuition fees for Parents with successful referral of students to enroll in the school.
    • (Conditions apply)



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