Saigon Vien Dong Technology Joint Stock Company (SAVITECH)

In 2003, Savitech was first equitized under the name Saigon Bicycle and Motorcycle Joint Stock Company. In order to facilitate the long-term strategy for investment in education development, the company was officially renamed Saigon Vien Dong Technology Joint Stock Company in October 2007. Since then, it has focused on building resources in operating and managing the Vietnamese American Schools – VAschools (

VAschools is directly managed by Savitech. It provides general education to local and international students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 under a bilingual curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. Currently, VAschools is ranked among the top prestigious and quality schools in Vietnam. The school system has 14 campuses with modern teaching equipment of international standards. They are located in major urban centers in southern provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and Can Tho.

Thanks to its contribution to the development of the education sector, Savitech has received many preferential policies from the state, such as programs that support 100% of investment interest in building new schools and exemption of land use tax for 50 years. Therefore, the investment in operating and developing VAschools is identified by Savitech’s Board of Directors as the main activity that brings the highest efficiency to the company as well as profitable and sustainable values for shareholders, investors, and employees in the present and future.

Savitech will also maintain the traditional operations that have been profitable for the company over the years, such as paper trading.

Board Of Directors’ Message

After more than 30 years of development, Saigon Vien Dong Technology Joint Stock Company (Savitech) is still growing, operating effectively in many fields, bringing value to investors, and contributing substantially to the overall development of society.

With the motto “DYNAMIC – EFFICIENT – SUSTAINABLE”, the Company has been implementing strategies to focus on extensive investment in the fields of culture and education and to promote import-export business.

On the journey of growth, the Company has always been aware that in order to succeed and go far, in addition to the right strategic orientation, upholding ethical values in business, solidarity, compassion, and employee care is a continuous process to always bring good added values to customers, shareholders, and society.

And in its package, Savitech has always needed the support of shareholders, partners, and customers as well as the efforts, dedication, and responsibility of the Board of Directors and all employees. This helps complete the strategic goals in each specific period. The Board of Directors would like to express our sincere thanks to you, who have always accompanied us to make success for Savitech. This is our belief and motivation to stride on our development path.

With the guidance and determination of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, the Company is committed to using all efforts to achieve the set investment and business goals. We are committed to wholeheartedly making the Company increasingly strong, dynamic, efficient, and sustainable.

Kind regards,
Board of Directors


Saigon Vien Dong Technology Joint Stock Company uses all resources to become a reputable investor, effectively and sustainably do business, and at the same time, take the lead in Vietnam in the development of modern education according to the global trend.


In the field of investment and trade, Savitech always creates a dynamic and effective working environment. And it believes that the solidarity and responsibility of all employees will give customers the best product and service experience, and maximize the investment value for shareholders.

In the field of education, Savitech has been innovating and improving the training of young Vietnamese generations to become EXCELLENT AT VIETNAMESE – PROFICIENT IN ENGLISH – RICH IN LIFE SKILLS. This will hopefully prepare them well for integration into the world.


The company is always aware that in order to succeed and develop sustainably, in addition to orienting the right investment strategies, innovating thinking, enhancing creativity, and respecting social and ethical values in business and investment are always top priorities. Only second to the above are solidarity, compassion, and acceptance of differences to support each other in developing in terms of knowledge and soul.