Adopting student-centered teaching and respecting individuality, VAschools has always oriented their students toward the discovery of their own capacities and the pursuit of their dreams that match their strengths and interests.

In addition to traditional subjects, VAschools also integrates subjects and activities in humanities, arts, science, and technology so that the students can adapt to the world of constant development and change.

VAschools understands that the path to success will take a lot of practice to build, so it is important to educate the students to find the right path and stick with it.

At VAschools, the students are free to do everything they can to discover their real abilities so that they can find their passions and go further to conquer their dreams. With proper orientation and development, the students can gain the problem-solving ability, adaptability, self-study, self-research, freedom of creativity, and ease of success.



Head office: 252 Lac Long Quan St., Ward 10, District 11, HCMC

Hotline: 0916 303 252

VAschools District 11: (028) 3858 5300

VAschools Tan Binh District: (028) 73073 806