Hello! It’s Mr. Know-All. It’s the International Day of Happiness. Let’s join me in discovering the happiness at VAschools for more interesting things!

– For the teachers, the greatest happiness is to be in class, and see their students listen attentively to the lessons and make progress every day.

– For the nursemaids, happiness is to take care of the students so that they can enjoy their meals and sleep.

– For the librarian, happiness is the voice of the students: Ms.! Ms.! This book, this title… where is it? With a big smile, she hurriedly shows them the place.

– For the cooking staff, happiness is to see the students savor the food.

– For the security guards, happiness is in the energetic mornings to instruct the students in taking their temperature and sanitizing their hands before entering the class.

– Happiness can also be as simple as a thank-you to a classmate for lending a pen.

– Sometimes, happiness is just a cake or candy shared with a friend at recess.

– Happiness can also be found in the huge wall with potted plants, the refreshing pool, the clean lawn, the old flamboyant tree that provides shade to the students during attractive games every day, etc.

Well, HAPPINESS is not something too luxurious and hard to come by. It’s present everywhere in the simplest and smallest of things. So just sit back and treasure this moment even more. This is because it is already HAPPINESS to still breathe fresh air, go to school to see our teachers and friends, and remain a part of this beautiful life after the pandemic hardship.

International Day of Happiness 2022 is themed “Build Back Happier”, which focuses on the global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the rebuilding of happier lives. I believe that thanks to the roles, missions, and loving values that VAschools has brought, we will create a growing happy community.