At the conclusion of the Internet Olympiads of English (IOE) in the school year 2021 – 2022 at the Municipal level, VAschools once again recorded new achievements with the FIRST PRIZE FOR GRADE 5 won by student Pham Hong Minh and the THIRD PRIZE FOR GRADE 3 by Hinh Tang Gia Bao.

VAschools would like to send congratulation and acknowledgment to the students for their efforts and determination. With hard work and outstanding English abilities, they have made commendable accomplishments in the competition.

The importance and popularity of English have been shown in many areas of social life today. And the ability to speak good English is also one of the advantages that VAschools has created for the students through bilingual learning. The results of the IOE competition once again confirm the effective English teaching quality of VAschools.

With the desire to provide students with opportunities to learn and improve English in a modern and creative bilingual environment, VAschools will continue to improve its teaching quality through a variety of lively and effective teaching methods. This will help students develop their abilities to proficiently use and think in English to become confident global citizens during the global integration.