On the morning of February 14, 2022, the bustling and joyful atmosphere returned to VAschools when the students of Kindergarten, Primary School and Grade 6 finally went back to school along with those of other grades.

In order to ensure all students smooth and safe return to school, VAschools has made specific plans and implemented measures for pandemic prevention in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health such as cleaning, disinfection; strictly complying with 5K rules, proactively arranging classrooms, and creating distance in dining areas according to regulations in order to minimize close contact.

VAschools’ students and teachers also showed a high sense of protecting the health of their own and everyone around by strictly following rules for pandemic prevention such as wearing masks, bringing personal water bottles, making medical declarations, having temperature taken, and washing hands regularly.

Going back to school for in-person study after the break is an opportunity for the students to experience the modern and comfortable learning environment at VAschools. This brings optimal efficiency for students’ knowledge acquisition and teachers’ teaching activities.

With careful and thoughtful preparation, VAschools believes that all students will have useful and memorable experiences. Our wish is that all students, teachers, and employees will promote their abilities well and take advantage of the remaining time of the school year 2021-2022 to reap new successes.

Memorable moments on the back-to-school day, February 14, 2022: