In an attempt to share concerns with parents over sending their children back to school after a long period of suspension, the seminar “Preparing children for post-pandemic school resumption” was held by Vietnamese American Kindergarten District 11 on the morning of February 12, 2022. It attracted a large number of parents and preschool children.

Accompanying parents at the seminar were Ms. Bui Thi Anh Hong – Principal of Vietnamese American Kindergarten District 11 and Ms. Le Thi My Linh – In charge of VAschools Kindergarten English Department.

At the seminar, Ms. Bui Thi Anh Hong provided parents with plenty of new and useful about how to get their children to school safely after the pandemic break so that they could be mentally prepared for it. Thanks to this, parents would know how to prepare and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of their children in going to school. The seminar also provided an opportunity for parents to raise their own questions around issues of concern so that they could work with the school to build an effective and safe learning environment for their children.

Ms. Bui Thi Anh Hong shared practical information with Parents at the seminar

Within the framework of the seminar, preschool children participated in many experiential learning activities in a bilingual environment with foreign teachers. There are also modern function rooms such as Steam room with the activities of “making orange juice” and “making tapioca coconut cookies”; Lego room with creative model activities; Art room with music and yoga activities; Smart classroom with English learning activities of Industry 4.0 technologies with foreign teachers.

Children experienced many creative function rooms and play areas with a variety of lively games

Parents and children could also enjoy dishes prepared by VAschools to better understand student meals and care at the school.

Well-prepared nutritious dishes

Parent To Dieu Thuy shared after the talk: “After hearing Ms. Hong speak, I feel quite reassured about sending my child to school. This was also due to the school’s thoughtful preparation for pandemic prevention. I have also learned much new knowledge about children’s psychology before taking my child to school. Especially I am very satisfied that the school has always created favorable conditions for parents to gradually make their children used to going to school. I am very impressed with the school’s new function rooms after having consulted other schools. VAschools has many new function rooms to stimulate children’s creativity and interaction.