One of the important conditions that students need to prepare for their application for university scholarships or transition to overseas study is to demonstrate impressive academic achievements as well as showing their dynamism and adaptability to a new environment.

To obtain the above-mentioned factors, the curricula and learning environment at the senior high school level always play an important role, creating a full package for each student to confidently start the path of higher education. In particular, the formation of English skills for the students is necessary for them to proficiently use their second language to achieve success on the new journey.

At VAschools, the curriculum at each level is scientifically designed and adapted to the ages and students’ needs for knowledge development. Focusing on improving its students’ English proficiency, VAschools provides the Cambridge English curriculum in addition to the MOET curriculum. This is an optimal foundation of cultural knowledge and English proficiency. It also facilitates their integration into the new environment and relieves them of pressure in moving on to tertiary education or switching to overseas study

Learning in the modern environment at VAschools has created opportunities for the students to interact with many foreign teachers and friends while providing self-training with many educational activities. It also has helped them to form and develop the necessary skills such as teamwork, presentation, and social communication. This is an advantage for VAschools students to be named by domestic and foreign universities through valuable scholarships.

Over the years, many VAschools students have been successfully admitted to general education schools and universities around the globe. This result once again confirms the training quality of VAschools whose goals are to continuously improve the teaching quality while creating the most favorable conditions for its students to develop their abilities and aptitudes.

With more than 15 years of experience in education, the Vietnamese American Schools has constantly affirmed its position through the development of teaching scale and achievements. Starting with one campus initially, VAschools now has nearly 5,000 students of many nationalities who have been studying on 14 campuses in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho City, and Vung Tau City. Over the years, the school has also boasted a high-school graduation rate of 100%; pass rates of 80% and 85% for admission to schools for the gifted and Cambridge English certificates, respectively; and a rate of 80% for admission to prestigious global universities