The first years of life are a golden period for parents to facilitate their children’s building of a solid foundation and promote their later comprehensive development.

With a variety of learning activities both in the classroom and outdoors, VAschools encourages children to freely explore the world around them and at the same to develop languages, nurture emotions and participate in comprehensive physical training. This also contributes to creating a friendly and safe learning environment for children’s overall development according to their own abilities.

Studying at VAschools, preschool children can develop themselves in many areas:

Acquiring language skills: Promoting brain activities and bringing many benefits for future studies.

Developing personality and communication skills: Helping children perceive right and wrong behavior, and become more confident in communicating with people around them

Boosting physical strength: Increasing physical activities helps children form the habit of doing exercise and playing sports to keep fit.

Picking up Reading and Writing skills: Promoting the development of thinking and creating a stepping stone for learning at the primary level.

Developing Math skills: Familiarity with calculations is the first step for children to develop Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, thereby reacting faster to numbers.

Nurturing talents: Art or music lessons are opportunities for children to discover and develop their own talents.

Special offers for Parents at VAschools in the school year 2021 – 2022:

  • DISCOUNT of up to 5,175,000 VND for former students that re-enroll.
  • DISCOUNT OF 10% for parents that register and pay tuition fees in the school year 2021 – 2022.
  • A gift of 01 uniform for the first 30 students to register and pay tuition fees for 01 or more terms of the school year 2021 – 2022.
  • Discount of 5% on tuition fees for the second child onwards when Parents have 02 or more children (biological siblings) studying in the VAschools system.
  • Bonus of 5% – 7% of the one-term tuition fees for Parents with successful referral of students to enroll in the school.
  • (Conditions apply)



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Telephone: (028) 3826 0252 – 3826 4350